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(R)evolution Episode 6: Philip Kaplan on Social Commerce and Influence

Welcome to the (R)evolution, a new series that connects you to the people, trends, and ideas defining the future of business, marketing, and media.  Episode 6 features an interview with good friend Philip Kaplan otherwise known in the industry as Pud.

Philip earned worldwide success as the founder of the infamous F* that chronicled the flameout of Web 1.0 excess, one company at a time. Kaplan went on to start several ventures including AdBrite, the largest independent ad exchange.

While we discuss Philip’s experiences as a successful entrepreneur, the discussion ultimately steers us towards an important milestone in the evolution of the social web…the rise of the social consumer. Kaplan’s latest company starts to blur the line between social and commerce, connecting currency and transactions to experiences and connections. Blippy is a micro network where people “obsessively” write reviews about everything they buy. Blippy connects your existing e-commerce accounts such as iTunes, Netflix, Woot, eBay, among others to share purchases with friends in real-time not only in the Blippy stream, but across the social and interest graphs that define Facebook and Twitter.


Andrew Landini, Producer
Adam Eckenfelder, Audio Tech/Re-Recording Mixing
Location: The Living Room Wine Bar, Redwood City

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50 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “(R)evolution Episode 6: Philip Kaplan on Social Commerce and Influence”

  1. Rahul @ MazaKaro says:

    I totally agree with philip theory . the video is very interesting

    thank you

  2. rickbakas says:

    These videos are getting better and better. Nice work (again) Brian!

  3. Jesue says:

    Totally enjoyed this… leaves me thinking about what I really want others to know and how to share it and where.

  4. Marca says:

    Yeah good read. It is something we are seeing more and more of – bloggers are making careers talking about brands that they approve of. Importantly they've maintained their integrity as well and they are are not just talking about brands because they are paid to talk about, they are talking about the brands because they genuinely believe in what they have to offer.

    It also brings a new dynamic to old fashioned “PR” and “branding” to be able to use the end consumer more tactically.

    Definately going to come and check back to some of these other videos.

  5. says:

    Real good post. It's all about sharing. Our friends and their friends just want to know.

  6. Aaron Glett says:

    Guess this means the businesses of the future should treat everyone like their going to review their product. In reality, it could be the truth. Bad product or service could end up with a PR nightmare over night.

  7. Claire Hunter-Smith says:

    Thanks Brian and Philip- I found this video really useful as I wasn't previously familiar with Blippy and this served as a brilliant, concise and engaging introduction 🙂
    Off to investigate it further now..

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