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Video: Introducing the 5th “P” to the Marketing Mix — People

I recently sat down with Chris Beck, founder of 26dottwo, a digital media agency in the San Francisco Bay Area for a in-depth discussion on the state and future of social media. We examine a broad range of topics that explore the impact of the social economy on business, culture and the democratization of influence.

In this installment, we discuss “people” as the 5th “P” in the marketing mix.  While this is a subject that’s been discussed over the years, the 5th P serves as a defined pillar in the newly published Hybrid Theory Manifesto.

Shot at the new studios at KickLabs SF where I spend time as an entrepreneur in residence.

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  1. Essentially, Popchips hired their coolest customer. They realized that to hire someone who brings both a tremendous social network *and* an existing love for a brand is the way to develop an authentic, consistent and ultimately effective voice. Great move.

  2. Marketing mixes and their ongoing P's, there's a story right there! In today's world and especially going forward, People is the most important element for so many reasons especially for word of mouth/mouse.

    Excellent interview Brian, I will be reading your book before the end of the summer and really look forward to learning more about the importance and value of engagement.

  3. good stuff says:

    People People People – You are spot on. With out People, Business Wouldn't Exist on a Multitude of Levels! I just picked up your book… on Safari

  4. That is so informative and hopefully the readers will get it.

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