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Question of the Week: How Should Organizations Respond to Social Technologies?

This week, I’m participating in “The Question of the Week” series hosted by Nokia’s IdeasProject. Each week, Nokia partners with industry thinkers to spark productive conversations and generate promising ideas. On June 6th, this Sunday, Nokia and I will select the best response and as a way of saying thank you, Nokia will send a new phone to the winner.

This conversation is important and one that faces almost every business today. And as a result, the answers that I hope surface will help all organizations win.

So here’s my question, “Social Technologies are changing companies from the outside in and from the bottom up. What is the best way for organizations to respond?”

What ONE idea would you introduce? What is the single most important thing a leader or champion can do to affect change in a way that assumes leadership?

Respond here:

I’ll share your answers, or feel free to do so as well, using the hashtag #ideasproject

Disclosure: For my participation, I am receiving a Nokia Netbook, which I will donate to a non-profit.


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