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The Greatest Hits of 2009 Part IV

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Valuable Information flies across our attention dashboards at blinding speeds. As 2009 comes to a close and we embrace a new optimism for 2010, let’s revisit some of the most read and shared posts this year.

Greatest Hits of 2009, Part IV:

1. Social Media is Rife with Experts but Starved of Authorities

2. Unveiling the New Influencers

3. PR Does Not Stand for Press Release: Equalizing Spikes and Valleys

4. The Decline of Traditional Advertising and the Rise of Social Media

5. Facebook Helps Brands and Personalities Transform Visitors into Fans

6. The Internet is More Biology Than Technology: The Top 10 Ways to Monetize Twitter

7. Real-Time Conversations Gain in Influence, Hasten Social CRM

8. Zappos is Powered by The Empowerment of Employees

9. Casting a Digital Shadow; Your Reputation Precedes You

10. Channeling Our Inner Celebrity Through Twitter and Social Media

The Greatest Hits of 2009

Part I

Part II

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  1. I see your diagram of the conversation prism comprising the social media networks, but i do not see Google Wave. I think it would be important to include to google wave- do not you think?

  2. Your posts were excellent and informative, thanks for everything! Happy Holidays

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