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The Wisdom of the Crowds?


More often than not, we’re reminded through simple human behavior and interaction that Twitter isn’t always the TNN (Twitter News Network) we expect it to be. And, when the collective of people “being themselves” amasses concentration and velocity, we learn that sometimes the wisdom that manifests within the crowds isn’t very wise at all.

The Trending Topics on Twitter, for example, offer a looking glass into the consumption and sharing patterns by general users. And at any given moment, we can theorize as to which demographics and psychographics are currently at play. Essentially, themes are the symbolization of focal points for various groups of individuals. They’re perpetually jostling and wrestling for energy and momentum and those with significant volume and proponents thrust topics into the spotlight. It tells us everything about the state of mass conversation when frozen in time at various points over time.

Windows open and close revealing much about individuals who unite behind topics to form “Conversational Networks” allowing us to study and graph user behavior, profiles, and the contextual lineages between people representing disparate groups of age, gender, and backgrounds.

To understand socialized and interactive media, we must embrace digital sociology and ethnography as much, if not more, than the time and energy we dedicate to spotlighting the tools and networks that define the landscape.

Here are today’s Trending Topics on Twitter…

Here are today’s top headlines on Google News:

Obama Makes Gains at UN on Iran and Proliferation

US home sales, jobless claims unexpectedly drop

Behind the UN hoopla, a new agency for women emerges

China Says Sanctions Won’t Deter Iran’s Nuclear Agenda

Palestinian President: No Common Ground for Negotiations With Israel

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