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Breaking News: Twitter Debuts New Front Page

Twitter just rolled out its redesigned front page for those visitors new to If you’re already a registered user, you won’t notice the new look unless you sign out and refresh the home page.

The new homepage helps provide a frame of reference, expectation setting, and also offers a lens into the conversations populating the popular microcommunity that connects people through 140 character strings.

Twitter now places an emphasis on search, the very functionality that helped Twitter earn prominence among a core, passionate, and extreme group of digital extroverts. The intention is to introduce new visitors to conversations that are related to the keywords that are important to them. As the site homepage now reads, “Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world.”

The landing page now also provides insight into the popular topics by minute, day, and week.

This move, while in the works for quite some time, follows the release of the Twitter 101 guide designed to help businesses embrace and leverage the power of Twitter and the Tweets that fuel the new media revolution.

Perhaps this is exactly what Twitter needs to start doing more of in order to keep users Tweeting(tm)!

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92 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Breaking News: Twitter Debuts New Front Page”

  1. Philip Nowak says:

    The new Twitter homepage looks great. It is much more user friendly than it was before. I'm not sure if it will make a noticeable difference in whether people will join the site or not. At least they will be able to see the current trending topics as well as search for a topic of interest.

  2. shawna88 says:

    Nice blog. Just connected with you on Twitter although we're already linked up via Facebook. And I love your Flickr feed – aren't you lucky getting to take photos with beautiful women all day. LOL!

    Would love to talk some time.



  3. Marc Vermut says:

    “Digital extrovert” really jumped out at me. Does that imply that those people are not typically extroverted IRL? Would that make them “shy”?

    Oh, and nice post, it's about time Twitter took some ownership of supporting and growing their userbase by demonstrating how to use a new tool.

    • briansolis says:

      Thanks Marc. I was hoping that “digital extrovert” would strike the curiosity of someone! It's not based on scientific fact, just personal observations…I believe that twitter and social media in general is uniting IRL introverts and extroverts into a digital community rich with voyeuristic, observational, and participatory cultures whose behavior is still evolving and refining. At the very least, I believe that the social web invites and empowers those to say what they feel and think online, which is some cases represents the words that they might not have otherwise shared in real life.

    • Marc Vermut says:

      Well, that leads to whole other conversations, such as designing environments that enable and promote this type of behavior and relationship building that is different from how people interact IRL. Which requires study and strong integration with UX/UI design. And I see you quietly referencing the 90-10-1 rule of thumb (Slide 9 from Charlene Li's presentation…).

    • briansolis says:

      Excellent points Marc!

      Re: Charlene, I do admire her work. Forrester spent a lot of time and
      resources analyzing the data behind technographics. I'm measuring my work
      based on individual fieldstudies and also the information that stems from
      Harvard rersearch (published). I think we all say the same things…

  4. greeblemonkey says:

    THANK GOD. The graphic designer in me has grumbled every single time I have been forced to login there for a LONG LONG time.

  5. greeblemonkey says:

    P.S. YOUR new site design is very nice as well.

  6. greeblemonkey says:

    THANK GOD. The graphic designer in me has grumbled every single time I have been forced to login there for a LONG LONG time.

  7. greeblemonkey says:

    P.S. YOUR new site design is very nice as well.

  8. lloyd says:

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  9. The new twitter home page looks great. It is more easier to navigate than the previous twitter home page.

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