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Curate Expert Content with My.Alltop

Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop media empire continues to rapidly expand. If you don’t already know about it, Alltop is essentially a curated online magazine rack featuring thousands of sources, organized by industry or topic, to provide “aggregation without aggravation.”

Kawasaki and team recently introduced My.Alltop, which enables viewers to build a custom news page sourced from the qualified pundits and sources on any given topic that interests you. It’s reminiscent of NetVibes, but features only crowdsourced voices as a way of filtering out the noise and increasing the signal.

Here’s my dashboard:

My.Alltop dashboard features some of my favorite thought leaders in tech, new journalism, sociology, Web 2, and social media, including (in no particular order):

Guy Kawasaki, Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher, Robert Scoble, Seth Godin, Tara Hunt, Doc Searls, David Armano, Fred Wilson, MetaFilter: Sociology, Chris Brogan, Jason Calacanis, Chris Anderson, Everyday Sociology, Hugh MacLeod, MindBlink, Shel Holtz, Mind Hacks, Richard Edelman, Peter Shankman, Enthnography, Dave Fleet, Brand Autopsy, Hubspot, Publishing 2.0, Adrants, Peter Kim, Todd Defren, B.L. Ochman, Psyblog, Media/Anthropology, Jeff Jarvis.

I highly recommend Alltop especially if you’re researching or seeking qualified authorities on the subjects that will help you excel. My.Alltop is my new homebase for tapping into the intellectual capital that feeds wisdom and also sparks new ideas each and every day – all from one place.

Sign up and discover the information that motivates, educates, entertains, and inspires you.

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4 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Curate Expert Content with My.Alltop”

  1. Daniel Brusilovsky says:

    Hey Brian,

    Great post. Congrats to Guy and the team for the expansion. I’m sure it’ll do great!

  2. Joe P. says:

    Huh… After reading your post, I finally, for the first time, understand what the heck AllTop is trying to accomplish. It’s like an RSS reader for people/personalities, where you can keep track of all the disparate content that person puts up all over the interwebs (sorry to state the obvious, but it really is just now dawning on me). I could see that being quite useful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Twtter is @Jonk87

    I am currenly studying Punblic Relations at Sunderland university.

    Your post has enabled me to find vast amounts of info onine,

    a great, great help to me


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tip, Brian. I just shared your my.alltop page with my twitter network.

    Also just signed up and looking forward to setting up my own page…

    Hugo Guzman

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