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PeopleBrowsr Centralizes Conversations & Relationships: Introduces A Dashboard for Social Networks

Over the last several months, I’ve had the distinct pleasure and honor of working with some of the most visionary people online to develop a solution that WE, as social architects, need to stay connected, and also, centered.

I’ve invested a significant portion of time and energy into the support, development, and refinement of an ambitious project led by Jodee Rich. I did so, because I believe that it is one of the most compelling and promising services for uniting our distributed social presence and the relationships that make us stronger – personally and professionally.

Introducing PeopleBrowsr, an attention-centered dashboard for managing your online relationships and communication in Twitter and across multiple social networks.

It is making its public debut in Alpha today, which means that it is still in an early, but a highly functional, stage of development. The only way to improve it is to let real people have access to it, without restrictions.

PeopleBrowsr offers a vast breadth of features and functionality. If you’re a Social Media power user or a brand manager, this is a wish come true.

At its foundation, PeopleBrowsr is a first of a kind meta-network for social networks that works with Mozilla FireFox 3, Safari 3.1 or Google Chrome – no download or plug-in required. It essentially turns your Web browser into a simple, visual social media dashboard. While there are many third-party tools for Twitter, PeopleBrowsr brings the best features from all of the popular add-on services into one solution – without requiring a download or a browser plug-in.

It combines your profiles and your connections across multiple social networks into one, easy to manage place, including, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Upcoming, among others. You can mix views to include activity from all or selected networks simultaneously, individually, and also communicate with your contacts across networks, from one place.

Mixing your view and interaction.

As an introduction to the service, we’ll start with Twitter.

Anyone familiar with TweetDeck will enjoy an instant familiarity with the friendly interface. But that’s where the similarity stops and the unique benefits emerge.

PeopleBrowsr supercharges Twitter.

With one simple to use browser-based hub, everyone can view, group, and communicate with friends, and friends of friends, in and across all of the popular networks. You can update status, view posts, connect with contacts, make new friends, and share content within and between networks.

At first sight, PeopleBrowsr provides either a columnar view (The PostStack) or a “people” grid gallery of organizable tweets from “everyone” in the Twitter stream with additional distinct columns for “following” and replies. Additional stream options feature the ability to view direct messages and other standard views into dedicated, scrolling columns. PeopleBrowsr also provides integrated search functionality of Twitter directly within streams, displaying results in new stream columns. And, if you want to focus on key regions, you can also run hyper local searches to see who’s tweeting in a certain city. Searches can be additive for further refining of streams.

But wait, there’s more…

With PeopleBrowsr, you can monitor brands, engage with communities, and improve communications with friends through a myriad of unique features that include, the ability for power users to easily build and communicate specifically with dedicated tag-formed groups; scheduling tweet posting at a later time; and also network-wide, wiki-style tagging of people for grouping, categorization, and also searching.

Most importantly, PeopleBrowsr introduces the foundation for the very first address book for Twitter.

Take a deep breath, PeopleBrowsr is much more than a dashboard for Twitter, it’s a social network for all social networks.

Today, many people participate in multiple online social networks. From Twitter to FriendFeed, LinkedIn to Facebook, and Youtube to Flickr, the attention of today’s online enthusiasts is thinning and distributed. While the alpha version of PeopleBrowsr focuses initially on empowering the Twitter community, the service actually unites Social Media and the Social Web.

PeopleBrowsr empowers power users and “the rest of us” alike to concentrate energy in one place instead of wrestling with a distributed presence. You no longer have to open different tools and browser tabs to log in and connect with people through disparate services. As a single social media dashboard, PeopleBrowsr allows anyone to manage all of their personal network profiles. It simplifies communication and relationship building with friends and like-minded individuals – regardless of social media network.

PeopleBrowsr also introduces PeopleBrowsr IDs (PBIDs), a new genre of intelligent social media profiles for those looking to learn more about interesting people. These rich IDs offer an instant and highly detailed overview of an individual’s presence across the social Web by automatically aggregating their other network profiles and blogs as a social graph. You can also can share what you know about each individual for others to see using PeopleProfiles.

Here’s me

The team is reading Tweets and implementing fixes, fine-tuning the product, and integrating new features ahead of the beta release due out at the beginning of the new year. “Live” Tweets from the community are being used to build a new product in real time. They’re listening!

At the very least, I hope PeopleBrowsr offers a refreshing and helpful alternative to centralize your online presence and the relationships that define who you are today and tomorrow.

Please spread the word…

I also wanted to send a special thank you to each and everyone who took the time to meet with Jodee and me to share their initial reaction and feedback to help us get to where we are today.

Thank you.

Ariel Waldman
Cal Hendrickson
Cathy Brooks
Chris Saad
Christopher Golda
Dave Mathews
Frank Gruber
Guy Kawasaki
Jason Kincaid
Jeremiah Owyang
Jodee Rich
Justin Kan
Laura Fitton (Pistachio)
Loic Le Meur
Louis Gray
Mike McGrath
Robert Scoble
Sarah Lacy
Tara Hunt
Tim Ferriss
Tim O’Reilly

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8 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “PeopleBrowsr Centralizes Conversations & Relationships: Introduces A Dashboard for Social Networks”

  1. JeunelleFoster says:

    Cool post on the Peoplebrowsr.
    I just installed mine last night and I like it
    a lot. Once you figure out how to use it effectively, it becomes quiet easy to operate.
    A no brainer.

  2. S.M.Beebe says:

    Excellent post Brian!

    I love the depth of coverage here that you provided. I've learned lots of new features I didn't discover on my own – thanks!

    PeopleBrowsr is a highly impressive new app! I find its new concepts so *unique* and diverse that they are truly disruptive to the current new social media application landscape. I expect BIG things for them.

    PeopleBrowsr has a terrific product team and excellent ideas. I think folks like you, Robert Scoble and Louis Gray have done much to further their cause.

    Robert Scoble previewed the PeopleBrowsr Alpha product on Friendfeed last week here –>

    I loved how Priscilla of PeopleBrowsr (smart Product Mgr.) was right there ready to provide feedback on Friendfeed.

    Everyone loved it. In fact, maybe too much as the rush of new traffic was a bit much (the Scoble affect was in full force!)

    I am excited to see where the PeopleBrowsr app will go!

    Susan Beebe

  3. Miss Lynn says:

    This is spectacular. Exactly what I need to help manage my brand in the social media space without becoming weary of checking 1,001 different sites.

    Thanks to all who worked on this project! We ALL owe you one!

  4. Nacho says:

    Love it! Started using it in Chrome!

  5. beach says:

    Hey Brian,

    This looks very cool! Any chance you might consider integrating 12seconds? That would be sweet! Our API is pretty straight forward. As you may have seen, it works great with TweetDeck at the moment.

    We think that PeopleBrowsr is an important addition to the Digital Life Manager concept. You all have done an excellent job!

    If you need to contact me or us: beach at 12seconds dot tv

    Thanks sir.

  6. Sam says:

    Forgive me for sounding like an amateur but I’m not seeing where PeopleBrowsr allows you to add Facebook anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction? It doesn’t seem to be included in the list of profiles to add.

  7. Gerald Hensel says:

    I really enjoy PeopleBrowsr. It takes a second until you get used to its vast functionalities…but then…

  8. Hemant Morajkar says:

    Hi Brian,

    Love the simplicity and the aspect of synergy between the online worlds that we crawl through daily.

    An extremely user friendly app which makes seamless integration possible. And so easily!!

    A valuable and unique resource for social media practitioners and online community participants alike.

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