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Making Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

We all make mistakes. It’s amazing how much saying sorry helps. But even saying sorry doesn’t fix those affected 100%.

We’re all learning together, at least those of us who don’t pretend we’re already experts.

Making mistakes in Social Media Marketing is a lot like sticking daggers into a wooden fence. Just because you apologize and pull them out, they still leave the visible scars for others to see, feel, or point to. Sometimes apologies help people feel better, but they don’t fix perception, which is everything in Social Media. Thinking before engaging is critical to establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships. This is after all, about people.

While intent is important, through daily experience, I’m finding that perception is outweighing intent. Just because you have the right ideas and principles in mind, how you participate and react says everything. It all begins with intent and the ability to learn and genuinely offer value along the way.

Otherwise, why are you here?


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4 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Making Mistakes in Social Media Marketing”

  1. Geoff_Livingston says:

    I’d agree with that, but at the same time, I think some mistakes are inevitable. It’s still very new, and we are all learning. There will come a time when we all have our visible scars.

  2. Marcel LeBrun says:


    You nailed it. We are definitely entering a new paradigm for cultivating relationships with customers and you describe it perfectly.

    When anyone starts to approach relationships with customers this way, it becomes so obvious that this is the right approach if you truly respect them. Top down communication may get messages out there, but it certainly doesn’t build trust & relationships with people – as you said, “…we can no longer push our thoughts at people in order to earn resonance; we have to listen, talk, listen, assess, and contribute value.”

    Thank you also for mentioning Radian6. I appreciate that. We are also enthusiastic advocates for this approach to marketing and customer relationships.


  3. dillon vass says:

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