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Perception is Everything

It’s not just about what you want me to think, it’s about what I hear and in turn, share with others.

You can help shape my perception and perhaps, even influence it, but my perception is defined by my experiences, thoughts, beliefs, predispositions, and personal agenda.

Tell me again why I should listen to you?

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8 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Perception is Everything”

  1. Maggie says:

    Poetic and thought-provoking! Nice, Brian!

  2. Don Lafferty says:

    There’s so much truth in this statement you’d think it would come from a therapist, not a marketer.

    Perception is Reality.

    At first it sounds so trite as to be brushed away…like an excuse by those who just don’t want to hear you or get what you’re trying to get them to get, but after further review, as they say in the NFL, and perhaps some practice in out-of-body exercises, the absolute truth of that statement begins to sink in.

    How many times have you heard someone, upon hearing a recording of their own voice protest that the voice on the recording sounds nothing at all like them? It’s because we are the ONLY person in the world who experiences things from our point of view, and can’t [necessarily] expect other’s to have the same experiences we do given identical stimuli.

    Remember, they don’t ask you how, they ask you how many.

    Which, as always, brings us back to listening, measuring, and retooling the message to fit the perceptions of others.

  3. Brian Solis says:

    Maggie, cheers!

    Don, indeed. Well said.

  4. Jamie says:

    Interesting observation.

    To carry this a bit further, perhaps perception is created NOT in experience, but in one’s interpretation of one’s experience, which is molded not just by one’s self, but also by the knowledge-networks of which one is a part.

    You also should keep in mind that not all of you is “in” you. Your experiences, thoughts, beliefs, predispositions and personal agenda would not be possible without other people and the way they perceive you in relation to them.

    Listening to the other realizes a part of you that does not exist without that particular other. That is, there are unknown-knowns about oneself.

  5. rejim says:

    your experiences, thoughts, beliefs, predispositions, and personal agenda are nothing in fact! it is just toys for you to play.. you should look at the greater pic! you are looking at the smaller ones.. there may be millions of smaller pics. and you may not get your way out of them. first see the big pic, then u can make sense of your experiences, thoughts, beliefs, predispositions, and personal agenda etc..

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  7. Guest says:

    Left the one alone. Nice one!

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