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Discussing the Social Media Release

I recently had the opportunity to discuss the Social Media Release with Shel Holtz for IABC‘s official podcast, Cafe2Go.

As Shel asks, “Why are we talking about the Social Media Release on Cafe2Go?” The short answer is that the IABC is assuming a role in the development of SMR standards. An official announcement is slated for mid-week next week that will go into more detail.

I also was invited by Valerie Combs and Sandra Ponce De Leon of BuzzLogic to participate in company’s online video series, “The Vino Diaries.” In vino veritas…

Valerie’s summary of the discussion is here.

The episode of Vino Diaries is here.

For more on Social Media Releases (SMRs), please read, “The Definitive Guide to Social Media Releases” and “Social Media Releases in Action.” Also, here’s the template that started it all, by Todd Defren.

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