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Blog This! December 11, 2007

Social Media Starter Pack

Chris Brogan is one of the most social media aware person I know. He doesn’t just theorize, he’s engaged. Learn from him.

What Makes a Social Media “Expert”?

Justin Kownacki ponders what makes a Social Media expert.

Project da vinci

Andy Lark announced Project da Vinci which has at it’s core the selection of WPP to create a global marketing agency for Dell.

Facebook Not Understanding Opt-In is Like Universal Missing Digital Music

Chris Heuer explores whether all PR is good PR in the case of Facebook

Face Robert Scoble Lands Real Interview

Someone posing as Robert Scoble sent a message to Brandee Barker, Facebook’s PR lead. She responded…I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to tire of all of the posts dedicated to exposing the mistakes of PR people and humilating them in public.

Blog Council Goes Blogless?
Stowe Boyd seems to be the only other person, besides me, who pointed out that the Blog Council launched without a blog.

Some Conversations have shifted to Twitter
Jerimiah Oywang talks about how Twitter is gaining momentum and becoming a main hub for conversations and traffic referrals.

Marketing: It’s Evolution Not Revolution
Todd Defren explores how social media’s impact on marketing is actually evolutionary and not revolutionary. I believe that there’s a big survival element in there as well, which is a post I’m writing about now…PR is only evolving because it has to.

Let Customers Finish Your Story
Valeria Maltoni continues the conversation about how marketing can learn from customers. Telling stories is always much more effective than trying to sell them.

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