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Blog This – October 28, 2007

Please take a moment to vote for the Social Media Manifesto, the Future of Marketing Communications here. You can read it here.

PR and Bloggers Officially in “Beta” – Finally

Stuart Henshall really nails it on how PR can more effectively work with bloggers.

Social Media Forces PR’s Evolution

Social Media is forcing PR to stop lobbing grenades from behind the wall and to jump into the front lines of conversations

Definition of Social Media by Brian Solis

I took a crack at updating the definition on Wikipedia, perhaps it’s still too complicated. Either way, we’ll see if it sticks

5 PR Pitches: The Good and Bad

Marshall Kirkpatrick should earn a medal for taking time out of his busy day to stop and teach PR people how to do their job

AdaptiveBlue Brings Links to Life with New SmartLinks

If you blog, consider adding SmartLinks to your template. SmartLinks enhance the value and experience for visitors of Web sites and blogs by intelligently analyzing each link and custom serving additional resources that help them do more with the informat

20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites

Mashable spotlights the top services to host free press releases

Robert Scoble on – demonstrates Seesmic

Robert Scoble on why social event sites help you find where you need to be. Thanks to Rebecca Reeve for the tip

Yes, some blogs are profitable – very profitable

The SF Chronicle documents how blogging can be a lucrative business and therefore how it is further changing the game of media and putting the power of influence in the hands of people

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