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Social Media is Transforming Marketing and Public Relations

I had the pleasure of recording a podcast with Jennifer Jones for PodTech‘s award winning Marketing Voices show – one of my favorite podcasts out there. Jennifer is a class act and is one of the leading examples of how industry veterans can migrate and excel in the world of new PR.

We discussed my recent paper, “The Future of Marketing: How to Integrate Social Media into Marketing” and how to help PR professionals embrace the shifts in taking place in the industry.

There are so many people adding their voice to this subject, but very few are adding any value and more importantly, instructions on how to participate.

Just because you blog doesn’t make you an expert in blog strategy and marketing. Just because you jump to all of the popular social networks doesn’t make you an authority on how to participate and build circles of trust and friendship with the right people.

Social media is more than pushing content. It’s also about reading, listening, and relating to conversations. It’s about giving back. And, it all starts with respect.

There’s just not enough “experts” helping people figure out how, why, and where to jump in.

My advice is to take a step back and participate as a person and not as a marketer. Embrace the culture of the community and understand its dynamics. It’s about sociology before the technology. Read the manifesto.

Show Description:
No doubt about it. Marketing and PR are changing given the impact of social media on the profession and the implications are enormous. Brian Solis, co-founder of Social Media Club and well known PR blogger, gives tips for marketers about how they must engage to survive. Solis recently wrote a manifesto for integrating social media into marketing.

2 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Social Media is Transforming Marketing and Public Relations”

  1. Jennifer Jones says:

    Thanks, Brian for being a guest on Marketing Voices. I believe the Manifesto is very valuable and upon rereading it I feel it truly captures many great ideas for social media use. The show has already been downloaded 1,000 times since it posted on Sunday night.

  2. Chris Brown says:

    Hi, Great post. Thanks for the podcast too!

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