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New Media Release Cast 16 – Evolution of the Press Release

Chris Heuer, Shel Holtz, and I recorded number 16 in an ongoing series that discusses the New Media Release aka Social Media Release aka hrelease.

In this episode, we were joined by Shannon Whitley, who is now heading up the Working Group for defining the hrelease standard. We discussed the state of the SMR, current examples of SMRs in action, as well as the plans for the Working Group moving forward.

Whitley has been very passionate about the social media release, creating PRX Builder, a DIY (Do It Yourself) service for automatically creating and distributing them.

We reviewed recent examples of SMRs, and were both surprised and elated, to include one from a major industry player, HP, for its latest study on ink jet performance metrics. WebITPR also issued a release announcing that Stephen Davies of joined the team.

The NMRCast was initially started to document the evolution of the press release in today’s social landscape. It reviews the strategies and experiments driving the social media release aka new media release so that PR professionals can learn from each other in order to improve how we share news and information with the public, and in turn, how they share it with each other.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Relevant Links:

The new Social Media Release site, home of the social media release requirements

Google Groups mailing list for New Media Release discussion

Also, for a refresher on SMRs, please read, “Everything You Wanted to Know (or Should Know) About Social Media Releases.”

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