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Tech PR War Stories and The Social Media Manifesto

This week, I joined the Tech PR War Stories podcast with David Strom and Paul Gillin to discuss my recent article, The Future of Communications – A Manifesto for Integrating Social Media into Marketing Manifesto.

While many discuss the need to engage, or review the benefits and disadvantages of social media, I’m focusing my efforts on the specifics of conversational tools and the sociology of transparent engagement to help those who want to learn how to participate instead of market.

This week David and Paul talk to Brian Solis, a PR executive who has been writing the PR 2.0 blog here and author of a social media manifesto that nicely pulls these technologies together. We spoke about ways that PR pros can get smarter about using the new media tools, how the role of listening has become more important, and ways that comments can help drive blog and Web site traffic. How do you teach old PR dogs the new Web 2.0 tricks?

Download the podcast here. (15:05)

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