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New Media Release Cast #15 Now Online – Evolution of the Press Release

It’s been a while since we last recorded the NMRCast, but with the growing discussions around the new media release, we felt it was time to reignite the conversations.

The NMRCast was initially started to document the evolution of the press release in today’s social landscape. It reviews the strategies and experiments driving the social media release aka new media release so that PR professionals can learn from each other in order to improve how we share news and information with the public, and in turn, how they share it with each other.

Todd Defren, from SHIFT Communications joined Shel Holtz and me to talk about the one-year anniversary of SHIFT’s social media press release template. We also discussed SHIFT’s template for a social media newsroom, my “how to write” an SMR guide, the lack of social features when using wire services to distribute SMRs, and the status of the social media release working group.

We also covered recent examples of SMRs in action, including the Virtual Coke, SpiralFrog, Real Networks, and Geocommons campaigns.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Relevant Links:

The new Social Media Release site, home of the social media release requirements

Google Groups mailing list for New Media Release discussion

Social Media Release discussion live from the NewComm Forum in Las Vegas

Shannon Whitley’s PRX Builder

Also, for a refersher on SMRs, please read, “Everything You Wanted to Know (or Should Know) About Social Media Releases.”

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ONE COMMENT ON THIS POST To “New Media Release Cast #15 Now Online – Evolution of the Press Release”

  1. David says:


    I finally got a chance to listen to the podcast and wanted to comment on the broad brush about account reps “not getting” SMPRs. While I can’t speak for everyone everywhere, there is (and has been for nearly 1 year (Michael Pranikoff and I are leading the effort)) an initiative here at PR Newswire to not only educate clients on Web 2.0, but educate colleagues. This education is for everyone from Account Managers and Executives to Editors and CSRs. As all of you are aware, education on ‘everything 2.0’ has been an uphill battle but we are certainly making progress. As Todd can attest, we are having these kinds of conversations every day.

    Thanks for keeping the topic alive and, as always, great post.

    David Weiner, PR Newswire

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