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Extending My Support to Kathy Sierra, Maryam Scoble, and All Victims of Threats and Bashing

I can add nothing that hasn’t been said in the worldwide, frightening discussion regarding the death threats made to Kathy Sierra and the unnecessary bashing of Maryam Scoble and other bloggers through hate posts and comments.

It is absolutely sickening that anyone would have to live life afraid of leaving their own home or have their brilliance silenced because their health is severely affected by fear.

Anonymity is unfortunately a cloak of courage which shrouds some people with a false-sense of power.

Michael Arrington says, “In some ways, I see it as a cost to doing business. But if you find yourself making anonymous attack comments that may be going overboard, ask yourself if you really want to be causing people the kind of pain that Kathy is going through. And then just stop.”

Robert Scoble takes a firm stance, “We should be safe from death threats and other sexual attacks…especially from other bloggers. So, since she doesn’t feel safe. I’m going to stop blogging [for the week] in support of Kathy…We have to fix this culture. For the next week, let’s discuss how.”

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