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Web 2point2 – The Point is Still People

O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 conference will be in town and it will completely fly over the heads of those who are truly behind the new web and the real source behind the percolating enthusiasm in the Valley.

Chris Heuer saw the opportunity to create an annual event specifically for those people who are already looking beyond “web 2.0.” Based on last year’s successful Web 2.1 “un conference,” this year’s Web 2.2 event will be held on November 9th and 10th in San Francisco at 1 Market Street in San Francisco.

Heuer is inviting guests to spend two days of sharing and learning new trends and technologies to build the next set of applications and services that will define the new web landscape. Instead of paying $1-2k at other two point oh conferences, Web 2.2 is a bargain at $32.95, which includes a kick-off party pass at Fluid.

Web 2point2 is an ‘unconference’ that is driven by participants and based on conversations, not powerpoints. It is run as a project of BrainJams, Inc. a California Non Profit organization that is also organizing Social Media Club

The people who will be in attendance are the influentials of the Blogosphere and Web 2.0 movement who are in the trenches doing the real work, starting up new companies and sharing their understanding of what they learn through Social Media such as blogs, vlogs and podcasts. In short, the crowd will be largely made up of peers and contemporaries in the resurgence of the Web.

Event Details
Thursday, November 9th and Friday, November 10th, 2006

Registration starts at 9:00am, sessions start at 10am and each day ends around 6:00pm

Registration provides you with one of the 200 spots available and includes refreshments, two lunches, a t-shirt, entrance to the Web 2point2 Release Party on November 9th, and dozens of incredibly powerful conversations with other passionate people

Web 2point2 Release Party

The event is listed on Upcoming (upcoming:event=106074) – if you are interested in seeing some of the other folks who may be attending.

If you register for the unconference, you get into the Web 2point2 Release Party FREE, through the VIP line. If you can’t make it, but you’re interested in joining the party, you can purchase a ticket in advance for $15 (plus service charge).

Join the real movers and shakers who mash it up everyday for some fun and live music on Thursday November 9, 2006 from 730pm till midnight.

Topics Determined by Participants
Heuer has requested that people write blog posts to be considered for talk topics – for the Main Talks or the “How To” sessions.

If you want to lead a Main Talk (in the big room) write a post and tag it with “web22talk“. If you want to lead a “How To” session or serve as a Technology Coach, write a post and tag it with “web22howto“.

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