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Web 2.0 Exit Strategy Badges

Kudos over to Marco Rosella for his clever post on Web 2.0 exit strategy badges and prepping for the upcoming Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. Thanks for the tip from Valleywag.

He writes, “With the definitive affirmation of blogs, podcasts, wikis, video and photo sharing, social bookmarking and all the other instruments that value the single user as an ‘active’ part of the web, the continual creation-sharing-reuse of contents ride with a rhythm high as the growth of the number of services that support it.”

If participation is king, then where does that leave cash? Truthfully, fresh from DEMOfall, and after attending several “web 2.0” events, it’s clear that most new startups could simply be extensions or add-ons to more well-established companies.

I caught up with GigaOm‘s Liz Gannes and she seemed to leave with the same impression in her post More DEMO Post-Game: Monster Mash, “People, these are extensions, not companies!”

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Of course, I had to create a couple of my own! Let’s get some of these made and pass them around at all of the events. In fact, let’s get these designs placed up on Zazzle and let people create shirts and other goodies.

Yahoo Starbucks Yahoo Badge Google 3.0 Badge

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