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Read TechCrush Crushed? Over at Stowe Boyd’s /Message

Stowe wrote an excellent post that brings back recent memories re: the Web 2.0 trademark fiasco and the ensuing PR fallout for O’Reilly and CMP . .

Recently launched TechCrush , which was inspired by Stowe in a previous post, TechMunch Begets TechCrush , has temporarily ceased posting due to a potential trademark conflict with TechCrunch. Although, I personally preferred TechMunch over TechCrush…

With less than 10 posts underneath its belt, covering Flock, iKarma and Jigsaw, the latest TechCrush post, titled “ The Lion Sleeps Tonight (not) “, dated 9/21/06 says the following:

“We put down our pencils here at the Crush-Room for the next days due to possible legal issues. Please stay with us, we will see how things are going to work out.”

Mike’s a reasonable person and a very nice guy, so I look forward to seeing how this plays out.


From Crunchnotes :

mid day, Sept 21: I speak with my lawyer. we discuss asking them to put a disclaimer on the site that they aren’t affiliated with techcrunch. I send an email to Lutz that says “Hey Lutz, Spoke to my lawyer at length today. How about a statement somewhere, preferably in the header area, that simply says you aren’t affiliated with TechCrunch in any way? If that doesn’t work for you, let’s keep talking…and there is no need to stop posting on the site…looking forward to more good content. Mike”

early, Sept 22: Lutz replies. Nice again. Says that sounds like a fine idea and will include a disclaimer. Concludes with “cheers, and a nice weekend”

early, Sept 22 : techcrush says all is good on their blog.


More here.


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