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Snakes on a Mutha F*****g Plane is the New Blair Mutha F*****g Witch

The day has arrived!

Seriously…Samuel L. Jackson lucked out on this one. From a marketer’s perspective, Snakes on a Plane (SoaP) is the new Blair Witch. Not because both are on the same plain field (heh), but both share a common channel for success. The power of the web has come down like the hand of god to save Samuel L. Jackson’s poor choice in movie roles.

Whereas the success of the Blair Witch Project was spun out of people buying into the hype – was it real, was it fake – SOAP is going to cash-in all the way to the bank off of the wit, sarcasm, and parodies from today’s social media enthusiasts.




Fan Movie Trailers


Snakes on Popstars

With all of this citizen generated social media, the movie is bound to be a success. Don’t believe me, just search or for SoaP and you’ll see how many parties this bad boy is inciting all over the country. It’s just another example of the power of the mutha f*****g web and the people behind it.

Oh, and for all of you Blair Witch Fans, looks like there might be version 3.0.

Now go out and get some Samuel Jackson Beer, “It’ll get you drunk!”

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