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Lifebits, the Future of Personal Content Sharing?

A friend of mine let me know about his latest venture. Alex Limberis is the CEO of a new Silicon Valley startup, Lifebits.

Lifebits is a personal content sharing service that makes it easier for the average consumer to capture, catalog and share their digital memories.

Alex and company are genuinely excited about this service and it will formally launch within the next couple of months. Lifebits aims to solve real problems for real consumer that capture a lot of life events and then struggle to store, share, and catalog them in a sensible way.

Alex Limberis stated, “Lifebits was created to solve the problems my family and I had, and I suspect that your family has as well. The ultimate goal here is to make this simple enough for the non techie to greatly enrich the family sharing experience.”

Lifebits is accepting volunteers for those of you interested in participating in the beta testing process, . They hope to be running within the next 4 to 6 weeks, just in time for Christmas.

Your will need one of the following devices to fully participate in the program:
1) Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone with Digital Camera (MPX220) for example
2) Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC phone edition with Digital Camera
3) Windows Mobile 2005 Pocket PC phone edition with Digital Camera
4) Cingular 2125 Smartphone 2005
5) Cingular 8125 PDA phone
6) Other smartphone such as the OD2 QTEK, Imat PDA2K etc will work
7) Symbian Java based S60

Sign up at

Oh by the way, they’re hiring….send an email to

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