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I’m in the April Issue of Entrepreneur Magazine – what were they thinking?

Every now and then I’m quoted, or even more shocking, asked for my advice. Unfortunately, they always leave out the expletives.

Here’s the official press release from FutureWorks…

Entrepreneur Magazine Features Brian Solis in April Issue

Solis, regarded as an expert in how tech can be used is realworld applications, offers accounts for today’s busy entrepreneurs

San Jose, Calif., April 25, 2006 – FutureWorks, Inc., an award-winning public relations agency, today announced that Entrepreneur Magazine included company founder, Brian Solis in the April article, “On the Move.”

The article, written by technology writer Heather Clancy, spotlights the need and uses of new, highly mobile technology solutions for today’s on-the-go entrepreneurs. The article includes a pictorial and overview of Solis’ use of mobile devices to help him better serve his PR clients.

Solis comments on the state of integrated mobile technology working together to streamline workflow, “For the first time, this stuff is relatively seamless. Now, every time there is something new, it’s going to be hard to turn it down because the benefits can be so compelling.”

Written for busy entrepreneurs who want practical—not theoretical—information, Entrepreneur offers real-life solutions for entrepreneurs with growing companies. The magazine gives readers concise, hands-on advice so they can get in, get out and get back to business.

About FutureWorks, Inc.
With offices in Silicon Valley and Orange County, FutureWorks partners with market leaders and emerging companies to increase their visibility and customer-pull, cultivate existing markets and create new opportunities that are necessary to expand business. The company’s specialty lies in its ability to understand the product, its value proposition and the customer demographics to communicate real-world benefits and solutions. Unlike traditional PR, FutureWorks has become an information aggregator, providing meaningful content to media, analysts and market influencers. The agency is headquartered in San Jose at 2860 Zanker Road Suite 108. The Southern California office is located at 60 Enterprise Drive in Aliso Viejo. FutureWorks can be reached at 408-428-0895 or on the Web at .
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2 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “I’m in the April Issue of Entrepreneur Magazine – what were they thinking?”

  1. Always love to see a really successful blogger's first posts. When we see “0 Comments, 0 Twwets,” it provides a lovely delusion that there may be hope for the rest of us! (Yes, Twitter had only been online for four weeks and no one, including one's own mother, understood why they should bother to comment, but let's not quibble….)
    Seriously, very inspirational to see where you've taken this.
    Cheers, Rick and Kathy

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