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"Brian Solis is one of the more creative and brilliant business minds of our time."


"Brian Solis is one of the great media analysts of our time."

- Antonio Lucio, Facebook CMO (Formerly VISA)

"Brian Solis is one of the leading influencers in the business technology world."

- Phil Komarny, VP, Innovation, Salesforce

"Brian Solis is on the vanguard of modern thought when it comes to the intersection of technology and human nature."

- Matt Weick

“When Solis speaks, the market listens.”

- Marketing Magazine, Australia

“Brian's session was hugely successful and the audience walked away with a fresh perspective and full of inspiration.”

- Sarah Lynn, Keynote and Featured Speaker Lead, SXSW

"Our group absolutely cannot stop talking about Brian and how fantastic he was. He’s a rockstar!"

- NAED Annual Summit

"The best keynote in years. His message really resonated with our group!"

- Bob Fernekees, CRMEvolution

"Brian’s presentation on the future of customer experience was phenomenal at NextCon. Survey feedback had him as the highest rated speaker across all three days!"

- Yanniv Masjedi, CMO, Nextiva

"Brian’s in-depth analysis of the state of retail, as well as his predictions for the future, earned a 10 out of 10. He brought an amazing amount of expertise, polish, and patience. I felt extremely proud of our work together."

- David Firth - Electronic Arts, England

"According to Brian Solis, Customer Experience is the next battlefield for brands. Those that get it right will not only create long-lasting customer relationships, but will also earn a significant competitive advantage over those that solely compete on product, price or promotion. On the other hand, companies that do not master the art of customer experience, will lose relevance and market share over time."

- Disney Institute

"What I loved about Brian’s presentation was the data driven perspective. There were a lot of people with wide eyes. It was totally fearless about the potential radical disruption that is clearly upon us. His book, and calm, yet exciting presentation, gave me both professional insight and continuing inspiration to teach and lead."

- Stephen Ghigliotty, Instructor and Lead Certificate Developer, University of Toronto

" The information was well received from the entire audience and the style of your presentation was very engaging. I know from talking with my colleagues after the Conference and this morning back in the office, we all did not want your presentation to end."

- Chris Stephens, Business Consultant, Planning & Initiatives, Revenue Management, Southwest

"The feedback from the audience was through the roof, with a lot of people saying Brian was our best speaker ever. I can’t say I am surprised. He’s truly a once in a generation mind."

- Jason Frazier, Chief Strategy Officer, Mason-McDuffie

"His talk on Defining Digital Transformation was spot on, and the audience was completely engaged. He was able to humanize the topic that made it relatable and relevant to our industry. Brian created a lot of buzz after the presentation and we received excellent feedback from our attendees, both internal and external."

- Tracey Mitchell, VP Marketing Communications, Oracle Utilities GBU

"Brian Solis took Idaho by storm with a message of ‘disrupt or be disrupted'. There are new rules to getting your message out—rules that engage young and older (connected) people differently. Brian lent his vast expertise to Idaho’s key creatives and helped them understand how to use the power of social media more effectively to mobilize grassroots efforts."

- Blossom Johnston, program officer, J.A. And Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation

"Brian is so easy to work with. When he speaks, he is approachable, while being so smart and accomplished, We haven't seen this in years past with speakers."

- Laura Stack, Corporate Event Manager, Dynatrace

"Brian’s presentation at the Acosta Retail Leadership Symposium was absolutely thought provoking! Great insight into ways brands and retailers can increase Millennial connectivity, as well as helping manufacturers understand how to better relate to the evolving consumer."

- Chad Grenier, EVP Retail Marketing Services, Hunter Straker

"Brian delivered a compelling keynote at our customer summit. I was inspired by his passion for how customer-centric companies can build customer journeys with meaningful and shareable experiences in every micro moment."

- Nick Stein, SVP Marketing, Vision Critical

"Brian is at the forefront of the digital economy - we have worked together for over 5 years and he is the first person I turned to when I founded the Australian Digital Summit in 2012. Much more than a fly-in keynote, Brian has helped us bring some brilliant thought leaders to Australia and created incredible value for our events and inspiration for Telstra's Digital transformation"

- Monty Hamilton, Digital Operations Director at Telstra

"Our annual company meeting leveraged the enthusiastic presentation by Mr. Solis to challenge each attendee to commit to our path to disrupting our industry with our visionary ideas. His content was A-grade, and his presentation style was A+! What an inspiring presentation! Brian’s content was incredibly stimulating."

- Scott Jens, OD, FAAO, CEO, Rev360

"You have created hundreds of thousands of jobs, innovated several industries and serve as a role model for entrepreneurs, executives, investors and beyond."

- Jonathan Isenring, Founder, Digital Festival, Zurich

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