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The Beginning of the End of Likes: Instagram Expands Tests Removing Likes from Public View to U.S.

The Beginning of the End of Likes: Instagram Expands Tests Removing Likes from Public View to U.S.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that the platform will start hiding “likes” for some U.S. users starting this week. This is an extension of a rolling test in seven countries around the world over the last several months. This is the moment that Mosseri shared the news. As you can hear from the audience reaction, it’s unclear how the market is going to react. At face value, the move is commendable. Hiding likes is aimed at helping Instagram become “the…

#Philoselfie: Science behind selfie-expression

#Philoselfie: Science behind selfie-expression

Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year is also one of the most fascinating movements in social is that of the selfie. Part vanity, part communication, part fun, and part absurdity, selfies represent a new generation of #selfieexpression cum egotistical emoticons…but not necessarily in a bad way. Nevertheless, the psychology and science behind selfies are strangely fascinating and therefore I continue to study and report on its evolution. Selfiecity, a new research project, studies Instagram data from five cities around the…

Making Whuffie With Julia Allison

Guest Post by Dr. Mark Drapeau – read his blog, follow him on Twitter You can’t eat whuffie, but it’s getting harder to eat without it, as Tara Hunt says in The Whuffie Factor.  For the uninitiated, think of whuffie as an alternative to money – a reputation-based currency that started as a concept in a science fiction novel, now being applied to online business. Hunt’s interesting central thesis is that in order to successfully change social capital into market…

Dear Chris Anderson, an Open Letter to Make Things Right

Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief of Wired and also author of The Long Tail, is someone whom I deeply admire and respect. We’ve linked to each other in the past and for the most part, I agree with his views and observations. Every now and then Anderson discusses the state of PR and when he does, it causes nothing less than a full-blown blogstorm that reverberates across the entire industry. But, what matters is that we all learn from it….

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