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It’s an Ideal World After All; The Importance of an Open Mind

It’s an Ideal World After All; The Importance of an Open Mind

If you and I stood on opposite ends of the number “6” painted on the floor, it’s likely that one of us would see a “6” and the other would see a “9.” As rock legend, and one of my favorite musical idols of all time, Jimi Hendrix once sang, “If 6 were 9.” You could be so sure I see what you see, and I could be certain, you see what I see. It’s all a matter of perspective…

Made in Detroit: How Shinola’s Good Ole Fashioned Business Values Outperform the Status Quo

You don’t know shit from Shinola. Ever heard that saying before? This World War II era colloquialism caused a movement to revive the American watchmaking industry and with it bring to Detroit yet another chapter in its storied history in manufacturing. This year at SXSWV2V, I was fortunate enough to interview Shinola president Jacques Panis live on the main stage. He’s not only the president of a thriving lifestyle company contributing to the resurgence of Detroit, he’s also incredibly genuine and…

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