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Using Big Data to Understand Small Moments of Truth

Using Big Data to Understand Small Moments of Truth

Guest post by Gib Bassett (@gibbassett), “Businesses today must invest in experiences because that’s what people want.” – Brian Solis So says Brian in this recent post. He goes on to qualify this statement further, saying people today simply don’t care about products, services or offers. What they desire and what they respond to with regularity are superior experiences. I don’t think this is limited to Millennials either – we are all being conditioned to have affinities for businesses…

Social Media Accounts for 18% of Information Search Market

Source: Shutterstock As consumers, I think you’ll agree, prior to making any decision purchase, most of the time, our journey begins with a combination of online search and real world conversations with friends, family and peers. As the Web matures, a greater volume of our attention and focus continues to shift from other mediums to the Web for not only purchase considerations but also for content discovery. It’s how we learn. It’s how we stay connected. Nielsen released a new…

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