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Tag: ny times Marketing In The ‘Micro’ And ‘Near-Me’ Moments Marketing In The ‘Micro’ And ‘Near-Me’ Moments

For big companies that operate hundreds and thousands of locations–I’m talking about the Targets and Walgreens of the world–location marketing is the foundation of all marketing. And location marketing means a lot more than optimizing content for location pages to be found in search results. This reality was underscored in a recent New York Times article, “Marketing in the Moments, to Reach Customers Online.” Written by Robert D. Hof, the story discusses a fundamental shift occurring in marketing. Instead of…

PR Does Not Stand for Press Release: Equalizing Spikes and Valleys

Source Every now and again, a PR meme appears on the Web – almost to the point where you could set your watch by it. This time around, Claire Cain Miller of the New York Times sparked the conversation with an in-depth article, “Spinning the Web: P.R. in Silicon Valley.” I respect Claire and I believe she wrote an extensive article that chronicles the launch of one particular startup and also featured supporting quotes from those PR professionals who are…

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