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Mind, Body, Spirit with Dr. Kayte

Mind, Body, Spirit with Dr. Kayte

One of the things I love most about the Lifescale experience, is the entirely new adventures on which I’m whisked away. One such experience was the result of attending “The Rising Glen Collective” in Hollywood recently. I was asked to present on the story behind the book to a curated group of artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, experts and executives in an intimate setting–in a beautiful Hollywood Hills home over looking Los Angeles. Boy, was I nervous. Following the event, I met…

The Predictive Web

From intent to purpose… Good friend Jeremiah Owyang recently wondered whether or not the real-time Web was fast enough to keep pace with our insatiable appetites for information and connectivity. As such, Jeremiah introduced the emergence of what he refers to as the “Intention Web.” With event planning features, like Facebook events,, we’re starting to see people make explicitly public remarks on what they want to do, when, and with who.  Welcome a startup by Mark Hendrickson formerly…

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