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One Important Social Media Trend We Need to Think More About in 2020

One Important Social Media Trend We Need to Think More About in 2020

It’s that time again where we explore what’s new and possible in the new year. My dear friend Lee Odden assembled a stellar panel of experts to share predictions and trends for social media marketing in 2020. While I’m not a social media marketer, I study how social media and digital trends are reshaping the human network and society online and offline. I’d like to share my thoughts with you here. I’d also love to hear your predictions and trends for the…

The Human Algorithm: How Google Ranks Tweets in Real-Time Search

In 2009, Google struck a deal with Twitter, rumored at $15 million, to integrate tweets into keyword related Google searches. And last month, Google also integrated real-time search technology to surface blog posts and news content as they hit the Web – dramatically improving the previous five to 15 minutes its spiders would take to crawl the Web. I should also note that Collecta also offers the ability to search the real-time Web, but its results also include popular networks…

The Human Network: The Social Economy is influenced by Online and Offline Connections

I’m just returning from yet another year at the SXSW Interactive festival. The Geek Spring Break as its called is where thousands of digerati storm Austin Texas to learn, share and celebrate what I call the Social Economy. It’s something so special that I often struggle to truly capture and convey the emotional essence and inspirational spirit that brings together innovation, ideas, and the people who galvanize change and evolution. While the economy has crippled or altogether eliminated travel to…

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