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How to Keep Digital Distractions from Killing Your Creativity

How to Keep Digital Distractions from Killing Your Creativity

I was on Twitter recently and saw a link to a page titled, “5 must-read Harvard Business Review articles” by The Enterprise Project. Then I noticed that it specifically referenced an article on “how to keep digital distractions from killing your creativity.” “That sounds familiar!” I thought. I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked through see that my article in HBR was selected and also created as a stand-alone PDF. I wanted to share it with you here… “There are…

Social Media’s Impending Flood of Customer Unlikes and Unfollows

This is part two in a short series to introduce The End of Business as Usual…originally posted on Harvard Business Review (edited) There’s an old saying that carries renewed meaning these days: Give the people what they want. Brands are furiously creating profiles in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in the hopes of building engaging communities with customers and giving people what the brands think they want. The main activity in this effort is to spur consumers to…

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