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Social Media and the Bystander Effect

Social Media and the Bystander Effect

Guest post by Francisco Dao, noted tech author and founder of 50Kings If you logged on to any of your social media accounts this past Monday you undoubtedly saw an outpouring of posts thanking our veterans for their sacrifice along with multiple links to the typhoon Haiyan disaster in the Philippines. As I scrolled through my feeds I started to wonder if the appearance of support was actually discouraging people from helping either group. How many people decided posting was…

The Illusion of Importance

Guest post by Francisco Dao Most people view the social web as a tool for bringing people together and sharing ideas. They credit it with everything from democratizing media to enabling the protests of Arab spring, but they fail to see how these same community building attributes can fuel dangerous thought bubbles and lead us down paths of extremism. By providing a forum for everyone, the web – especially social web platforms – allow us to connect with people we…

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