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Dinheiro Vivo: Influenciadores 2.0

Dinheiro Vivo: Influenciadores 2.0

Ana Rita Guerra of the Spanish-language Dinheiro Vivo blog recently did an overview of the 2018 VidCon conference, focusing particularly on what lessons can be learned from the recently disastrous Fyre Festival, and quotes extensively from Brian Solis’ event keynote address. Excerpt: A chave está, disse Solis, na criação de algo que o cliente percebe como útil. “A utilidade é o novo viral”, referiu, citando algumas percentagens de crescimento interessantes nas pesquisas do Google. Por exemplo, tanto a busca por…

The Pivot Story Arc

During the planning of the upcoming Pivot Conference, I’ve been asked many questions about what it is, what it isn’t, and why the need for another conference. Most importantly, I’ve been asked more often than not, “What is our story?” I think that’s a great question. So, I took a moment to write the story for the Pivot Conference and while I was sharing it with the team, I thought that I would also share it with you here. Why?…

Power to the People: A New Mantra of Business

Exhibitor Magazine ran a feature story on new media and how it is changing the world of event marketing. In our discussion, we expanded the scope beyond events to discuss how people were forcing the evolution of business overall. The result is something quite profound. People are now taking control of their online experiences driven by how they connect and to whom in the social web. This shift changes how people find, share and discover information within their networks of…

Gauntlet Toss or Clarion Call: Women, it’s time to step up

Guest post by Cathy Brooks: Follow her on Twitter | Read her blog Source Imagine this scenario. It’s election time and you find yourself engaged in a heated debate with someone about a particular candidate. Fairly foaming at the mouth, this individual rails on about lousy legislators. Then you find out this person is eligible to be but is not registered to vote. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m of a mind that if you don’t register to…

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