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With Social Media Addiction, AI Algorithms, and Disinformation, the Real Social Dilemma is Ours to Solve:  Where Do We Start?

With Social Media Addiction, AI Algorithms, and Disinformation, the Real Social Dilemma is Ours to Solve: Where Do We Start?

How do we live in a world of constant distraction without giving up these digital tools that monopolize our attention, but provide value at the same time? Is it an all-or-nothing game? These are questions more people are asking as a result of the overwhelming success of the Netflix documentary The #SocialDilemma, which looks at the consequences of driving user engagement through so-called “bubble filter” algorithms, that increase utilization by showing us more of what we’re already watching, insulating us…

Without Analytics, Big Data is Just Noise

Without Analytics, Big Data is Just Noise

Guest post by Eric Schwartzman, founder and CEO of Comply Socially, which helps employers manage the risk and capitalize on the opportunities of social media in the workplace. Follow him on Twitter @EricSchwartzman The online Boston Marathon bombing witch-hunt last week dragged social media down to a new low. Social media has become “the cocktail party from hell,” writes Maureen Down in her column “…with the flood of information jeopardizing meaning.” When everyone’s talking about a crisis in real time…

Why the Olympic Games Social Media Policy Failed

Guest point by Eric Schwartzman (@ericschwartzman) on why he believes the Social Media Policy at the 2012 London Olympics failed First off, social media could have at least partially erased the advantage that some state-sponsored “full-time amateur athletes” from Eastern Bloc countries enjoy over self-financed amateurs from Western countries. But unfortunately the social media gag order by the IOC neutered that chance by restricting athletes from sharing posts that mention their sponsors on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else online. Here’s the clause:…

B2B Social Media Lead Generation Explained

Guest post by Eric Schwartzman and Paul Gillin B2B social media marketing is particularly well suited for business-to-business lead generation. Business purchasing decisions are made by stakeholder committees with diverse priorities and a voracious appetite for details. Social media is the most efficient channel for committees of engineers, product developers, purchasing managers and marketers to self-educate, and a way for marketers to abbreviate sales cycles. B2B social media makes it possible for marketers to inform communities with greater fidelity and…

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