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UPDATED I’m truly excited to share a bit of news with you… While this isn’t the formal launch of my new book, today represents a significant milestone for me. As of today, Engage is available for pre-order on, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and Borders, with shipments expected to arrive sometime in mid-to-late February. Other sites will go live soon. This post represents the first time that I’ve publicly released the title…Engage. And, I also join good friends…

Traditional Paper Meets Digital Notepad

Adesso Inc. has a new product that takes business productivity to a new level. Meetings are held every day, and the information passed along at these meetings is often vital. What happens to this information? It gets written down in a fast-paced scrawl, often the leaving the author themselves confused as to what they wrote not more than an hour ago. “When did I learn hieroglyphics?” I ask myself that question after every meeting. And to be honest, my thumb…

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